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Our Mission 

IMAGINE uses coproduced science, outreach, and education programs to develop, implement, evaluate, and adjust statewide and regional strategies for mitigating impacts of invasive annual grasses in rangelands while empowering informed decision making by landowners and managers

IMAGINE the West where iconic landscapes and diverse, native rangelands bloom without the negative impacts and wildfire risk caused by invasive annual grasses like cheatgrass, ventenata, and medusahead, supporting vibrant agriculture, wildlife, and local communities.

Building upon existing world-class partnerships and the research, outreach, and teaching foundation at the University of Wyoming, IMAGINE offers a new model of engaged research and outreach to make a lasting difference against expanding infestations of annual grasses while integrating the socioeconomic drivers necessary for success. The time for proactive management of invasive annual grasses is now.

IMAGINE will safeguard the western United States from further invasive annual grasses degradation by: 

  • Preserving iconic landscapes of the American West from transformation by invasive annual grasses

  • Strengthening Wyoming’s communities and agricultural economy by restoring or enhancing diverse and healthy rangeland vegetation

  • Protecting some of the most intact, high-functioning wildlife habitat within the western U.S.

  • Enhancing cooperation among state, federal, and local partners to develop and implement an effective state-wide invasive annual grass strategy

  • Cultivating critical thinking and hands-on experience in the next generation of outstanding rangeland stewards and weed managers

  • Changing the narrative around invasive annual grasses by demonstrating that long-term, landscape-scale management is possible


IMAGINE’s actions and outcomes are tightly linked to multiple efforts focused on improving and restoring western rangelands from the impacts related to invasive annual grasses.


Stronger together - Close collaboration and shared decision making is critical to successfully manage invasive annual grasses across boundaries and at the statewide scale. 


Current research being conducted is enhancing regional decision making for invasive grass management, evaluating grazing management following annual grass treatments, and more.

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